Friday, October 6, 2017

Best Wedding Favor Ideas

Mardi Gras Gifts

When you sponsor a themed wedding, then get creative with your wedding favors. As a result of the New Orleans tie of this couple, Mardi Gras cups were given out by them, diamonds and pralines.

Novelty Popcorn Bags

Make DIY bundles of specialty popcorn or purchase from a local store. By exposing your popcorn to meet your color 11, get creative.



Insert extra fun to your party by setting a wedding themed Mad-Lib at each seat. Guests hold onto them as a memory or may drop them.

Keys to Your Heart

Aren't these antique secrets magnificent? This bunch tied them to the place cards resting beneath an elaborate box. Surprise your guests by adding a gift unique to your love in the box and you!

Picture Perfect

This couple printed favorite photographs of guests and hung them using clothespins as decoration. Guests were able to take their photo house at the night's end!

Right from the Heart

Make your own snacks or sweets which have special meaning for you. Package them and finish the appearance.

Paper Fans

Colorful or stained lovers are an ideal wedding favor idea for your summertime. Guests will love the additional breeze and may reuse them over and over.

Get Peachy

If your favorite fruits are in season, give your visitors a healthy snack rather than sugary treats. This couple got more creative and used the peaches.

Backyard Games

Gift favors that stick with your theme! This year's ranch wedding produced horseshoe favors the tie that was ideal in. Your visitors will have the ability to put it to use right away if you are hosting a reception with lawn games.

Hangover Kit

If you're considering a wild night, present your guests together with hangover kits. This will indicate them into massaging in the pleasure and having a fantastic time!

Custom Shot Glasses

Locate or layout distinctive shot glasses that improve your wedding theme. This couple generated glasses according to their own Mexican wedding.

Orange Fantasy

This couple crushed their orange wedding color scheme! To recall their special day, they sent their guests house with real oranges, their favourite orange and drink macaroons as favors. Yum!

Match Your Theme

This couple hosted a perfectly collectible wedding by ordering gift tags which matched their menus and invitations. Match gift tags and boxes to make your wedding one event.

Family Link

Bring in a family tie with homemade things from somebody special. This couple talented pyramids made by the bride's father.

Desert Vibes

Contemplate this creative wedding favor idea if you are having an outside or desert-themed wedding. Share cactuses with all of your wedding guests in miniature pots.

Yummy Donut Cones

With late night cravings, these takeaway donut cones will surely be a hit. So guests know to take a while on the way outside, set them.

Personalized Cocktail Glasses

Design personalized eyeglasses for the reception and as take home presents at the end of the evening. Like this bunch, you can select eyeglasses that fit your wedding theme to a T.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Revive the lost art of polaroids and provide your guests a keepsake to remember forever. Encourage numerous photographs to be taken by them, so that they leave a couple for you in your wedding guest book and are able to keep their favorites.

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